Sunday, March 24, 2013

What you do for FUN!

I have a few hobbies that I still find time for, allbeit not as often as I'd like to... scrapbooking, running, sewing, decorating.  I have one hobby though, that I still get to enjoy nearly every day... cooking!  I much prefer a homemade meal over something frozen, bought or on-the-go (don't get me wrong, that still happens!) and this is something fun that mrdub and I both enjoy.  We have different tastes in recipes-- he likes quick and simple, I don't mind long ingredient lists, he likes seitan, spice and anything peanutty, I like veggies, coconut and curry.  Our differences usually work out well, because it provides a variety of meals and we never get bored with our food!  So... What do I do for fun?  I cook... I bake... and I eat :) 

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