Sunday, March 3, 2013


Key....  when I was thinking about what I wanted to photograph for today's prompt, I thought about all the keys I have.  And then I thought about what's attached to my keys, their accessories. My keychains.

I try hard to have as few keys as possible and am down, in fact, to only having a car key and house key.  However, I have quite a few work keys.  And one personal key chain on my work keys.  An eiffel tower key chain, that I brought back from our 2010 trip to Paris.  I love that key chain.  I only bought it because my friend wanted me to bring her back one (to replace her broken one) and I got 6 for a euro.

But, I'm glad I bought them.  It reminds me of that trip. And how surprised Mr. Grand Plans and I were by Paris - we loved it! And it is a perpetual reminder for me that I we need to go back and spend more time there.  And it is something that is "key" to me - that I love to travel and try new places, but I also enjoy the old favorites. 

I gave 4 of the key chains away and kept two for myself.  The pink one, which decorates my work keys, and this one. The spare....

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