Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I looked around for a while before finally deciding where to take today's picture.  I checked under the couch, under Baby W's crib, under our bed, under the bathroom sink... and then I found it-- the "secret" drawer under our bathroom vanity!  I didn't find the secret drawer today, but I thought it was more fun that a picture of "under the sink."  This bathroom has awesome storage.  Besides the vanity, there is are cabinets to the right, a medicine cabinet above the sink, and a linen closet in the hall.  It will be a while before we run out of storage here!  Baby W followed me around the house as I was looking under places and settled in with me as I rummaged through the bathroom.  He was quite pleased with the fun toys in secret drawer under the vanity and decided it was time to flat-iron his hair!

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